Do you know what CESUGA is?

You all may know where our University is located and how white it is. Nevertheless, have you ever heard about our CESUGA students? They have written this post so that we can learn more about them:

 Who we are

You may not have heard of us, or where we study, but even though we are separated by 780 km, we have a lot in common. As students of Translation and Intercultural Communication at CESUGA in A Coruña, we study exactly the same subjects and follow the same course programmes as you do. We thought you might like to know something about us, where we are and what we do – and because at CESUGA everything we do with languages counts, we decided to do it in English!

We are a close-knit group of young students, each with their own peculiarities, who have chosen to embark on the journey into translating and interpreting. Our English teacher says we are ‘guinea pigs’ – as we are the first group to study this degree here.


We have 2 people who come from other degrees – in English philology and also Biology 1 from the same degree but at a different university, 1 student who has all the way from Seville and a few other locals. Each has their own reasons for having chosen the degree in Translation and Intercultural Communication here at CESUGA.

I wanted a change of pace in my life

I wanted to try something new, refreshing and different

I always had a vocation for languages

I came here hoping for a more practical view regarding translation

I was really disheartened after years of being bound down by really theoretical studies, and so here I am”

“I came here because I wanted to have more and better employment opportunities when graduation comes around”

This is a small sample of some of the different opinions that the students have regarding what is deemed to be one of their most important steps in this life. Some are more serious, some more laid-back but, all in all, each and every one loves languages and was looking for a different take on how to learn their ins and outs.

Alexandre, Ana, Carmen, Lucía, María and Pablo

In later posts you will learn interesting things about where they live and about the teaching in CESUGA. Keep in touch!



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