Where is CESUGA?

This is the second part of the post written by our students in CESUGA:

A Coruña is a great city for young people. It has plenty of places and activities to hang out with friends and, although the weather is often wet and windy, it’s great to go for a walk in the city centre.

There are many events and concerts (Redfoo, Juan Magán), especially in summer. If you are interested in fashion you can go to Marineda City, the newest shopping centre and the third biggest in Europe where you can find your favourite shops. If you enjoy nightlife, you should go to Pelicano, the biggest nightclub in the city with a capacity for 3,000 and which attracts some of Spain’s best-known DJs.

In A Coruña it never gets really hot or cold – the weather is mild all year round. As it is a city on the coast, the temperature does not change a lot between the seasons and the average temperature is 13.9ºC. The downside is that as we are right on the Atlantic corner, it can get really windy and of course Galicia is famous for its rain. But when the sun does shine, one of the best things about A Coruña is that the beaches are right in the centre of town.

Even the city is probably best known for its football team, there are lots of place to visit, such as The Tower of Hercules which is the oldest working Roman lighthouse in the world. It was built in the 2nd century but its current appearance dates back to the 18th century. Since 2009 it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another thing people don’t often realise about the city is that Picasso lived here when he was young and the city’s many museums include the flat where he lived with his family. Another must on visitors’ list of places to visit is Plaza de María Pita, which has a statue of this strong woman, the city’s heroine who defended the city against the English led by Francis Drake when they attacked the city in 1589 seeking revenge for the Spanish Armada. But when you’re visiting A Coruña, the best thing to do is take a walk along the fabulous 13 km sea promenade before heading for the streets lined with bars and restaurants to try some of the fish and shellfish the city and Galicia is famous for.

Alexandre, Ana, Carmen, Lucía, María and Pablo

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