How does CESUGA work?

This is the last post about CESUGA written by its students:

CESUGA is a private university centre that is about 20 years old located on the outskirts of the city of A Coruña. The teaching at CESUGA is based on practical work and group assignments.  We have international lecturers from countries like Nigeria, the USA, the UK, Ireland, France and Canada and the subjects are taught partly in English. Having lecturers from around the world gives us an international vision and shows us how to approach our studies from various perspectives.

Like the University of San Jorge, CESUGA offers internships in companies and study periods abroad.

The activities organised by CESUGA include visits to different companies around Galicia in order to know their business operations and obtain a practical insight into the things we hear about in the classroom: these include companies like Escurís, a seafood canning factory; Inditex, which is based in Arteixo, just outside the city, or Estrella Galicia Brewery. The Port Authority of A Coruña and its Outer Harbour are other places where students go.

There are also activities in the Centre. In the first semester, we had a seminar on translating terms related to gastronomy with a special focus on Galician cuisine. It was taught by Paula Fraga, from OCTOPUS TO THE PARTY, a company which trains restaurant and catering staff in English and even included a food and wine tasting session.  Former students also come back to the centre to give talks about their experience at CESUGA and their careers since graduating. Some examples are: Oscar Vales who founded Vazva, a company that makes sport clothes and surf equipment, or Marta Otero who works for Google in Ireland.

CESUGA’s philosophy is based on having small working groups, to enforce the idea of teamwork and make the classes as practical as possible. At our university, the lecturers are always ready to listen and help.

The idea of ongoing learning and continuous assessment is essential, so we don’t have to focus only on the final exam. We share some subjects with the students of Public Relations and Advertising (Spanish Language, Documentation, History and Written Communication). In addition, CESUGA offers us the chance to study two additional Business Administration subjects, which is a great advantage because as future linguists or translators, we know that having an extensive general knowledge is essential.

Our timetable is not too hard (although we start at 11 on Fridays) because we have class from 9 a.m.  to 2 p.m. with an hour’s break from 11 to 12. We spend this hour break in the canteen (where Miguel, the barman, always treats us well), working on assignments in the library or attending tutorials.

For the time being, and now that we are coming to the end of our first year we could say that is a great experience and that we made a good choice with this degree. Although of course we still really don’t know what we’ll be doing in the future, we think we’re on the right track.

Alexandre, Ana, Carmen, Lucía, María and Pablo

Thank you Alexandre, Ana, Carmen, Lucía, María and Pablo for participating! If you want to keep writing for the blog, just say so! I hope you enjoy studying translation as much as I do. Keep it up!



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